Welcome to David Chapa Music! 

David Chapa is a Nashville recording artist known for his production, He Wore Black, a Johnny Cash Tribute show, as well as his original songs such as “Son It’ll Be Alright,” “She Only Loves Me On The Rocks,” “Flying Solo,” “I Got Away With Cash,” “Saint and Sinner” and many more.

David has been playing and singing for 30 years performing his original songs, as well as classic country covers by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and more. David is known internationally for his affiliation with WS “Fluke” Holland, Johnny Cash’s one and only drummer for nearly 40 years, and “He Wore Black, a Johnny Cash Tribute Show“, the show Chapa envisioned over a decade ago. Through collaboration with WS Holland, Ron Haney, lead guitarist, and music director for WS Holland Band, He Wore Black was born. Chapa, Holland, and Haney have performed this show from Colorado to Florida and several places in between.

Today, David can be found performing “unplugged” versions of He Wore Black, and his “Country Roots” sets of acoustic classic country songs by his country music heroes. His original songs are both heartfelt and humorous, written in the same style as the classics with his own percussive flair thrown in.

What folks are saying about Chapa

“David Chapa’s He Wore Black: A Tribute Concert to Johnny Cash is running over with wonderful memories of The Man in Black. David’s spot-on performance of each legendary Cash song takes me back to so many treasured times during my nearly four decades working with John. He Wore Black is a “must-see” event you will never forget” — WS “Fluke” Holland, Drummer for Johnny Cash

“We work with Johnny Cash tribute artists around the world year after year, but no artist we know puts the time, dedication, and talent into their shows like David Chapa. David’s love, respect, and honor for Johnny Cash’s iconic legacy shows through with every song performed, story shared, and each minute detail of the entire event that makes this tribute one destined for greatness. Well done, David Chapa. Boom Chicka Boom Forever!” — Ron Haney, Music Director, Guitarist & Vocals for WS Holland Band

“David’s style of playing falls somewhere between Bo Diddley and Johnny Cash. It is so entertaining to watch him play and feel the music come through his vocals and his guitar. Truly a performer you will not want to miss.” Scott F., Chicago, IL